Garage Conversions – Process & Pricing


Pricing & Process

Garage Conversions are an excellent way to maximise your property’s rental returns by converting a structure that’s usually cluttered with storage and knick-knacks. At Granny Flat Approvals Sydney, we are the leading experts in garage conversions for both metropolitan Sydney and Rural NSW. Once you call us, we will promptly travel to your property, carry out the relevant inspections and we can usually have your approval done within just two weeks.
The Process for converting a garage (or shed) into a living space, is similar to a granny flat approval except that since the structure has already been erected, a Civil or Structural Engineer must be engaged to travel to your site, inspect the existing slab (plus frame) and to issue an Engineer’s Structural Certificate. This certifies that the existing structure meets the Building Code of Australia for Residential Dwellings. This is an essential part of the approval process.

We have done a number of conversions and thus far, we are the only service qualified to approve garage conversions where the setbacks (distance to boundaries) is less than 900mm. In these cases, we will need to design a Fire-Rated-Wall in order to meet the Building Code as it applies to the minimum fire-separation regulations for granny flats and garage conversions.

We must finally asses the structure for Energy-Efficiency under the NSW BASIX requirements. We are experts at doing this so that your construction costs are minimised and so that your conversion costs are kept to an absolute minimum. We guarantee that the price you pay for your approval will be recouped in the construction phase. We do this by presenting the approval documents in a way that reduces your compliance costs and by completing the BASIX Certificate to minimise your building costs as well.

Shed Conversions

It’s worth noting that renting out an un-approved garage (or shed) exposes the landlord to criminal and civil litigation. Any Accidents, Fire or other Personal Injury Claims can results in the landlord being pursued  by the NSW Department Of Fair Trading and the NSW Police Force. An Insurance Company will not honor any claims made where the structure is not legally approved as a habitable dwelling. One may see this as an attempt to shock, but you simply do not want to lease-out a granny flat that has not been approved. We have seen two cases in NSW (one recently on the South Coast) where fire injuries sustained by tenants (in an unapproved granny flat) resulted in the landlord being charged under the NSW Crimes Act.

So don’t risk it. We offer a fast and efficient Approval Service to protect landlord and to bring their conversion up to the Australian Standards via  our legally binding Granny Flat Approvals.

You can Contact us on 1300 205 007 from anywhere in NSW and we will carry out your Shed or Garage Conversion quickly and Efficiently.


STEP ONE: (Survey, Property Searches and Compliance Report)

– We travel to your property and carry out a Detailed Survey.

– We check for compliance with the NSW ‘Affordable Rental Housing SEPP’ and we check on all other Building Code compliances.

– We carry out all relevant property searches and consult with you on your GARAGE CONVERSION

– We inspect your Garage or Shed for suitability and Compliance with the Building Code of Australia

The cost for Survey & Compliance Checks $2,200 incl gst.

STEP TWO: (Plans, Specifications and Engineering)

– We design all architectural plans for your Garage or Shed Conversion.

– We complete the BASIX Assessment (Energy-Efficiency Ratings)

– We complete the Building Specifications to all relevant Australian Standards

– We Engage our Engineer to Inspect and Certify the existing Slab and Frame.

– We prepare the Granny Flat Approval documents ready for submission to the Private Certifier for Final Conversion Approval.

The cost for Plans, Specifications and Engineering Certificate is $4,380 incl gst.


– Includes Certifiers Inspections

– Includes payment of the NSW Builders Long Service Levy

– Includes Council Lodgement Fees

– Includes Sydney Water Approval Stamp

– Includes the Occupation Certificate

The cost for the Certifier’s Building Approval is approx $2,400 incl gst.

Survey, Searches & Compliance Reports: $2,200

All Plans, Building Specifications, Engineering & BASIX  Certificate: $4,380

Private Certifier’s Approval and Occupation Certificate: $2,400

TOTAL: $ 8,980

Garage Conversions

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