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Want to know exactly how much your Granny Flat Approval will cost? Before you can accurately calculate how much your approval will cost, you’ll need to consider a few important questions. This is because some issues can affect the total pricing. Our new and interactive granny flat approvals calculator has just been created to accurately answer these questions in a thorough, honest and transparent way.

Some of the areas that can affect granny flat pricing are as follows:


Got a tree that needs removing? This means having to apply directly to your Local Council. A Private Certifier cannot legally approve a granny flat under the State SEPP. We usually have to apply for a Development Approval and Construction Certificate through your Council instead. Unfortunately, Councils are a lot slower and generally impose more expensive conditions on the construction works. The level of detail they require on the plans is always more difficult too. This means a detailed ‘Statement of Environmental Effects, and ‘AHD Survey’ from a registered surveyor and other detailed landscaping drawings to name a few.

Slope Of Land

Does your property fall towards the rear yard? If a Drainage Easement serves the property, this is great news since we can connect the rainwater tank to the easement pipe. If not, we need to design and construct a ‘Drainage Dispersion Pit’ to suit your block. This adds cost for the approval and construction. Our granny flat approvals calculator takes this into account.


Do you have a Mains Sewer in your back yard? If you want to build near a ‘Mains’ Sewer Line, we need to get a Peg-Out from Sydney Water and design from there. Our approvals calculator has an algorithm which calculates this as part of the total approval and construction costs.

Granny Flat Approvals Calculator

Granny Flat Approvals Calculator


All in all, there’s no other tool like our Granny Flat Approvals Calculator. Try it out!

We hope this utility helps you to interactively see the process and costs associated with achieving an efficient approval for your new granny flat or backyard cabin in Sydney or rural NSW.

Warm Regards,

Serge Panayi.

Granny Flats Sydney NSW Australia

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