/ 2 Bedroom / The Michael


  • From 90,980
  • 2 Bedroom
  • 1 Bathroom
  • 53 m2 size


The Michael is an L-Shaped 2 bedroom granny flat design. The layout allows us to build around an obstacle such as a tree or other permanent obstruction. The overall design promotes direct access to the rear yard from the living room. We can also add a pergola, awning or similar outbuilding to fill the cutout at a later stage. This is permitted as long as the slab doesn’t infringe on the trees ‘drip-line’ or ‘root zone’. This is as much to protect your slab as well as the tree. The bathroom is also quite large and has an integrated laundry. The laundry can also be concealed using an internal closet with accordian doors, if desired.

Got a Tree in your Back Yard?

The ‘NSW Granny Flat Approval SEPP’ requires 3 metres between a significant tree trunk and the outer walls of the granny flat. We have by necessity created the Michael design to tackle this problem. We recently built this two bedroom granny flat in the Newcastle region. Our client had a Jacaranda tree in the rear yard which was very close to where we wanted to build. The challenge was to avoid this tree whilst still maximising usable space. We were actually able to use the tree to provide additional shade to the backyard cabin. So were able to optimise the design insomuch as the tree ended up being an asset, rather than a liability. You can read more about this HERE.

The Design

This two bedroom granny flat design was built at 53 square metres. This is because rear yard space was somewhat limited. We can of course increase the floor area to 60 square metres. The extra seven square meters can be added to either the living room, dining room or to the bedrooms. We can customise your new granny flat to your budget and in accordance with your preferred inclusions. You can see our standard inclusions list HERE. Remember you can also customise this 2 bedroom granny flat design HERE.

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