Would you like something larger than a 60 square metre Granny Flat?

Larger Than 60 Square Metre Granny Flat

Did you know that you can attach various structures to your granny flat in order to make it larger than 60 square metres? There are ways to increase the limit prescribed under the ‘NSW Affordable Rental Housing SEPP’ legislation. In combination with other Complying Development policies, you can legally exploit the regulations in your favour! So you don’t have to be limited by the 60 square meter rule.

We recently built a granny flat in WESTERN SYDNEY which had a 5 sq m Front Patio and a 30 sq m Rear Verandah. These were all built under the common roof. This equated to 95 square meters of floor space, and it was still approved under the fast 10-Day Approval process. The owner was so happy with our granny flat design that he has asked us to build two more in Seven Hills and Blacktown, NSW.

Larger Than 60 Sq m Granny Flat

Larger Than 60 Sq m Granny Flat

Extend Your Granny Flat!

So don’t feel limited by the 60 square metre rule. You can certainly add these ancillary structures without penalty nor delay. You can now extend your granny flat to add:

  • Garages
  • Sheds
  • Patios
  • Verandahs
  • Decks
  • Carports
  • Awnings and the like.

We can effectively increase the size of your backyard cabin to as much as 100 sq m, or even more. The additions can be built over the same roof or be attached under a separate gabled or skillion (flat) roof.

Here at Granny Flats Sydney, we are renowned for finding innovative ways to streamline the complete design, approval and build process. We do this so that our clients can capitalise on every aspect of their granny flat design. Feel free to browse our website, which is full of useful information on all aspects of property development in Sydney and greater NSW. Discover ways to customise your new secondary dwelling to meet your requirements and budget objectives too!



Serge Panayi- Granny Flats Sydney.


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17 replies on Would you like something larger than a 60 square metre Granny Flat?

  • kim says:

    Great work Serge!

    • Serge Panayi says:

      Recent changes mean the maximum size of additions to granny flats are thus:

      Awnings, patios and all open structures: maximum 25 square meters

      Garages and Sheds: 20 square metres.

      So there’s been a reduction by 5 square meters.


      • Caroline says:

        Hi, for garages and sheds, is 20 square metres for each structure ie can you have a shed and a garage of 20sqm each? And same question for the open structures. Look forward to your response. Thanks.

        • Serge Panayi says:

          Hi Caroline,

          There has been a recent change (February 2014) to the SEPP Legislation. Currently we can offer you:
          – 60 sq m Granny Flat +
          – 20 sq m Attached Shed +
          – 25 sq m Attached Rear Awning +
          – 5 sq m Attached Front Patio
          TOTAL: 110 sq m

          Serge Panayi

  • Timothy says:

    Awesome stuff, thanks Serge. Lost 30 minutes of my life trying to find this info, should have just come straight here.

  • Matthew says:

    Good Job! No hassles and everything was done effectively and efficiently. Keep up the good work!

  • john says:

    I need to get some basic answers before commencing my project in Bexley?! Thanks. I’ll call you to discuss.

  • Serge Panayi says:

    No worries John. Looking forward to hearing from you.
    Serge Panayi

  • Mick says:

    Great looking design Serge!

  • Jim says:

    Is it true that you need a minimum set back from the rear fence of 3m?. I there any way of building your granny flat closer as our rear neighbour has their older style granny flat about 1m from the boundary.

    • Serge Panayi says:

      Hi Jim,

      Yes, the minimum rear setback is 3 metres for a property between 450 sq m to 900 sq m.
      The only way to avoid this is a DA at Council but this costs more ($3,000) and there’s no guarantee of success.

      Serge Panayi

      • Indra Utama says:

        Hi Serge,

        How likely the council will approve cutting the trees application with tree height more than 4.5m prior to building granny flats?

        I live in South Penrith therefore it will goes under penrith council area.

        Kind Regards,

        Indra Utama

        • Serge Panayi says:

          Hi Indra,

          Tree removal is a mixed bag depending on species, location and a few other factors. If the tree is a ‘protected species’ it’s potentially more difficult to get an approval for its/their removal but there are a number of strategies which can save you time and money.

          One approach is to make sure you DO NOT mention the intention to erect a granny flat when initially talking to Council (or submitting a tree-removal approval) because in most cases, they’ll force you to submit the more expensive DA Application. If the property is SEPP Compliant, it’s always cheaper (and much faster) to submit/approve under the State SEPP as opposed to a DA and Construction Certificate.

          We’ve had trees approved for removal at Penrith and they’re generally agreeable as long as you propose some re-plantings and substantiate the removal in a way which they’ll approve.
          Indra, I won’t reveal all of my tree-removal secrets here for you but needless to say we have some good strategies for this type of issue. Hopefully you’ll employ us and we can take care of you.

          Saving people time and money is what we’re famous for!

          Take care.
          Serge Panayi.

  • William says:

    Hi Serge,
    My block is 906 square metres in Bankstown council area. I read somewhere that you can build a 100 square metre granny flat (not ancillary structures) because the size of the land is over 900 square metres.
    Is this correct?
    Thanks and kind regards

    • Serge Panayi says:

      Hi William,

      To my best knowledge, property size above 900 sq m doesn’t increase the permissible size above 60 sq m for a granny flat. This is certainly true under the State SEPP (Complying Development) regulations.
      I’ve just checked Canterbury Bankstown Councils DCP (for a DA) but can’t find a reference to a larger than 60 sq m (habitable) space provision over 60 msq m.
      Remember you can attach ancillary development (garages etc.) to a granny flat which we do often.

      Please let me know if you find evidence to the contrary.


  • Hi Serge
    If you do not have driveway access to a grannyflat can you still construct a garage for storage of bikes and surfboards?

    Also can an attached shed be within the rear setback?

    • Serge Panayi says:

      Hi Diana,

      You cant have a garage without a driveway but a ‘shed’ is permitted, which doesn’t need a driveway. Its just a simple case of labeling it differently.
      Attached structures must maintain the same setbacks as the granny flat. i.e. 3 mtrs to the rear.


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