Maximising Granny Flat Rentals – Tips for Investors

Granny Flat Rentals – Tips for Investors

granny flat rentals

Granny Flat Rentals- Tips for Investors

Maximising Granny Flat Rental- Useful Tips.

There are a few options for investors looking for ways to maximise their granny flat rentals. Once your granny flat is built, you can certainly improve your chances of attracting quality tenants, especially in the design process. What can you do to increase your granny flat rental income?

Incidentally, rural properties offer many great opportunities  and rural-residential lots are usually cheaper and have ample space for a granny flats. Towns where mining and agriculture have emerging trends for growth. They are excellent choices for property investors.


Here are a few tips to help your new granny flat irresistible to new tenants. Here are some things to consider:

1. DESIGN- We have written a recent article about this in which we highlight some potential pitfalls and how to maximise the design for the inhabitants Link here to see how to specifically design for Separation and Privacy. .

2. LOCATION- It’s always wise to purchase a property which has convenient access to shopping centres, schools and transport. If all three aren’t close by, we recommend public transport as first priority since transport makes getting to schools and shops a lot easier and faster as well.

3. RENTAL HISTORY-  Talk to your Real Estate Agent about what other granny flats are achieving in the target area. If no granny flats exist, try to plan for privacy and separation. This can include providing separate parking and pedestrian access. Whilst not always ossible, it does attract tenants easier and can command higher rents.

4. FINISHING TOUCHES – This means providing your new granny flat tenants with soundproofing, quality fittings, ease of access, good-sized bedrooms and bathrooms. This can be achieved through ergonomic design,  good fencing, providing good solar access and even a small garden shed for their gardening tools, knick-knacks and storage needs.


A lot of investors come to us for help in building their new granny flat. Often, their first priority is building as easily and cheaply as possible. We are of course experts at achieving this goal. We always remind the client, though, that once the builder leaves the buildig site, there’s a little more to do. This includes providing a separate letter box, clothes-line, garbage bins, pathways etc. These are the things which will can make renting out your new granny flat so much easier for you, your real-estate agent and of course, your new tenants.

We hope this guide has highlighted the need to plan your new granny flat for privacy, separation and aesthetics. This means adding quality inclusions which will ensure you can attract quality tenants and maximum granny flat rentals, for now and for many years to come.

Happy house hunting!

Warm Regards,

Serge Panayi – Granny Flats Sydney.


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