Minto Granny Flat Project

Project – Minto, Attached Granny Flat

Attached Granny Flat Cabin in Minto, NSW

This Minto property, near Campbelltown, is a corner block. It’s also quite wide with limited rear yard space. The Owner wanted a granny flat attached to the side of the existing dwelling. An attached carport separates the existing dwelling and the new, attached granny flat. Attached granny flats can work especially if the property is quite wide like this. See our guide article on attached granny flats HERE.

Special Requirements

There were three main considerations which we needed to integrate into this design:
1. The size of the granny flat had to be limited to 42 square meters due to the space constraints on the block
2. The property width lended itself to a subdivided look, so we focused on optimising this.
3. The attached portion of the granny flat had to be fire-rated in accordance with theBuilding Code of Australia
4. Adequate private open spaces and landscaping had to be planned for in the granny flat design.

The Design

The Owner really wanted a two bedroom granny flat design, so we had to perfect the plans. In consultation with the client, we were able to integrate a galley kitchen which had a rear door to the yard. The bedrooms were well sized and we still had ample space for the living room. We managed to still get the bedroom doors facing away from the dining room, which created a sense of privacy and separation within this Minto granny flat.

The Front Facade

The front facade of the granny flat had to blend in with the existing dwelling. The granny flat was attached, so had to compliment the street scape. We focused on finishes which would not detract from the main dwelling, nor dominate it. There will be a new fence between the two dwellings, which will completely separate them. They’ll actually look like separate properties. Corner blocks have this advantage. The granny flat must also be designed to take advantage of this of course.


The Internal Finishes

As you can see, this attached Minto cabin has fantastic fittings and finishes. The Owner’s building budget was $85,000 so we worked very hard to minimise approval costs so that he could add quality inclusions throughout this Minto granny flat. All of our standard inclusions are of superior quality. See them HERE.

Rahul is extremely pleased with his new, attached granny flat in Minto. We customised this granny flat to suit the property and the client’s budget. We’re really quite pleased that we were able to help him with this unique property.

Remember, we can customise your design to suit your property and your budget. We are the experts at creating the right granny flat for every person. CALL US to enquire about your design, approval and granny flat build requirements.

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