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We are proud to announce our new and revised Granny Flat News Articles, which provide investors and would-be granny flat builders a head start in every aspect of their granny flat design, approval and building portfolio! We have clients who are now building their fourth consecutive granny flats, not only in Sydney but across Rural NSW as well.

Granny Flats have truly proven themselves to be an excellent investor and home-builder option for both Sydney and greater NSW in the last two years. Granny Flats Sydney NSW Pty Ltd have been at the spearhead in designing, approving and building granny flats ever since the NSW Government allowed granny flats to be built or converted from a garage into a granny flat in 2009.

Below, we have listed our 5 main categories which can help you navigate our varied and educational articles. They are:

1. Building News These articles help with choosing the right building materials, negotiating the best build-pricing, granny flat configurations and foundations, avoiding unnecessary costs and educating people on how to use the legislation to maximise their build options.if your looking for ways to save costs on building, these articles are for you.

2. Design Ideas This category helps with design options and ensuring your granny flat plans make efficient use of available land space in order to fulfill your needs- whether your an investor, Owner-Builder or planning to build your new granny flat (or conversion) for your own family.

3. Garage and Shed Conversions- This focuses on granny flat conversions from an existing garage or shed. The road to approval is highlighted in these articles plus methods of renovating your garage into a granny flat which can save you a lot of money whilst looking great in your own back yard. We also highlight the overall process and pricing to get your garage conversion underway.

4. Pricing News- We discuss how to get building finance for your first or subsequent granny flat and how to ensure you choose the right property to maximise your rental returns. We talk about profitable areas in NSW and we reveal trends in granny flat developments across Sydney and greater NSW.

5. NSW Approval News- When it comes to granny flat approvals, it pays to get educated. The approval articles on this website decipher some of the more tricky aspects of gaining fast and cheaper granny flat approvals and reveal ways to use the legislation to your advantage. he NSW Approval Legislation is our area of expertise so we help you with finding ways avoid unnecessary costs in designing, approving and constructing granny flats. We also talk about the path to approval specific to Sydney and rural NSW.

Granny Flat Approvals

Granny Flat Approvals


We hope these new Granny Flat Design and News Articles help you to navigate our broad and educational news posts, which have been formulated over 2 years, so that you Can save time and money on your granny fat development.

Warm regards,

Serge Panayi- Granny Flats Sydney (NSW) Pty Ltd.


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