Liu W – Hurstville

Hurstville Granny Flat Testimonial – Sydney

Our granny flat is now complete & we’ve attached some photos to show off.
Thanks to the team at Granny Flat Approvals for making the process much easier and faster than expected.
Faraj encouraged we show him any properties we’d like to buy, to make sure they’re granny flat safe & the right property for our needs. After we decided we were happy with the design, the color & material selection process made it simple to choose what we wanted, from cladding to splash back, from our dreams and onto our land.
Even the property manager was impressed with the beautiful finishes, and raised the rent expected accordingly. We can now move our tenant in earlier, and start paying off our build loan.

Can’t say anything negative about the experience, and we’re looking forward to our next opportunity to meet again.
Liu Wei