Bilgola Granny Flat Project

Bilgola Granny Flat Project

Bilgola is a suburb in the Northern Beaches of Sydney, NSW. Bilgola demands high rents and has some excellent opportunities for building granny flats. Bilgola is situated near Newport and boasts easy access to beaches, schools and transport to the CBD.

We Build on Steep Blocks

This Bilgola property slopes (falls) to the rear boundary quite steeply. This posed two typical problems for this type of property as follows:

1. Roofwater Drainage – There was no Drainage Easement benefitting the property, so we had to design a stormwater drainage dispersion pit. You can read more about drainage solutions here.

2. Sewer Mains – The mains sewer runs near the rear boundary, so we designed this granny flat to avoid the sewer asset. The silver lining in this cloud is that its proximity to this Bilgola cabin allowed easy connection to the sewerage system. If you have a sloping block, read our Granny Flat Sewer Guide.

3. SEPP Heights vs Setbacks – The Affordable Rental Housing SEPP requires that any height above 3.8m as measured from natural ground must be tripled and added to the nominal 3 metre rear setback. We needed to adjust the roof form and build at 6 m from the rear boundary in order to resolve this issue. Luckily, we also had to avoid trees and provide enough clearance from sewer, so this served our purposes. You can read about heights versus setbacks as it applies to the legislation here.

We Build to optimise Landscaping

This Bilgola property was bounded by beautiful trees and other vegetation. Our challenge was to plan the structure so that root zones were not affected whilst making the granny flat sympathetic to the natural surrounds. We were able to achieve a backyard cabin which is elegant and attractive to the eye.

Choose The Best!

If you’re planning to build a granny flat in the northern beaches, talk to Granny Flats Sydney (NSW) Pty Ltd. We are uniquely dedicated to careful planning and elegant building solutions at an affordable price!

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