Beacon Hill

Beacon Hill Two Storey Granny Flat Project

Beacon Hill is in Sydney’s northern suburbs and characterised by leafy green streets set on hilltops. Beacon Hill is within close proximity to Brookvale and the Northern Beaches. The area demands high rentals and with Sydney’s recent housing boom, Beacon Hill has benefited from excellent capital growth as well.

Two Storey Granny Flats can be done!

This Beacon Hill property boasts a massive front yard. Because the NSW SEPP legislation permits granny flats as far forward as the two closest neighbouring dwellings, we were able to build here and make use of this wasted land.

The Owners were very pleased that we were able to approve a tw0 storey (2-storey) granny flat on his property, which is fairly unusual given the front and rear setback requirements of the state legislation. You can also build two storey granny flats in rear yards but your rear setback must be around 10 metres or more, depending on overall height.

The internal staircase was designed to maximise space and we were even able to use the space underneath for storage.

We attached a front Porch and a side Awning which allows for a covered open space for bbq’s and other fun times!.

You can read our granny flat approval guide here.

You can also read our blog on how the front setback rules works here.

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