Chester Hill Granny Flat

Chester Hill Granny Flat Project

The Property

This Chester Hill property boasts a very long backyard which allowed plenty of separation and privacy between the granny flat and the main dwelling. The only issue was that the site was partly flood-affected.

The overland flowpath meant we had to submit a Development Application as opposed to a Complying Development application with our private certifier.
The property is also narrower than the minimum 12 metres prescribed by the Affordable Rental Housding SEPP. The approval time was increased by a few weeks due to the flooding and we were required to submit special flood mitigation documentation. The approval was granted after 6 weeks at Bankstown Council. Steven and Lorraine are very pleased with the result for their investment property in Chester Hill, NSW.

The Design

This granny flat was based on ‘The Susanna’ design. We added a linen closet at the end of the hallway which is great for storing towels, linen and a vacuum cleaner. This granny flat is oriented so that the narrower side faces the street. This was due to the block’s width and there was a gum tree to be avoided on the left hand side as well. So we customised this design to mitigate the native tree and to maximise privacy. Fortunately, the back yard was quite long which helped with the overall layout.

Remember, we can customise your backyard cabin, granny flat or studio to suit your specific property and your budget. You can also preview some of our other Granny Flat projects HERE