Blacktown Granny Flat Project

Project – Blacktown

The Granny Flat Boom in Blacktown

A lot of Sydney granny flats have been built in and around Blacktown NSW. Blacktown Council tell us that they are approving thirty granny flats every month. That’s over three hundred granny flats annually. The granny flat boom is centred around this western Sydney area for a number of reasons. One of the reasons is that the Blacktown municipality boasts larger residential lots. The area is also a growth area and has plenty of recreational space. Blacktown has great access to transport services as well. residential properties in Blacktown are also very well priced which is a great area for new property investors.

The Design

This Blacktown Granny Fat project was completed in May 2012. The investors wanted something which was family-friendly and spacious. They also wanted a bathtub  and integrated laundry. The open plan living area makes excellent use of space and has the bedrooms separated by a hallway. The hallway space is not wasted though because it forms part of the general living area. The bathroom separates the two bedrooms which is great for acoustic separation and privacy within the granny flat. Granny Flat is based on The Melanie design which can be viewed here:

The Patio

We added a front patio which provided some extra space and external shading. Adding a patio or veranda creates a house feel and encourages your tenants to enjoy the private open spaces. A granny flat can truly be a home if planned carefully. We also sited the dwelling to promote privacy and separation between the front dwelling and the granny flat. This way, your tenants can use the spaces without interfering with each other. You’ll notice that no other granny flat builder talks about privacy and separation. Our interest is in helping you create a rented and attractive granny flat, for today and into the future.

Remember, we can customise your granny flat to suit your specific building block and your budget. We are experts at creating the right granny flat for both investors and families. CALL US to enquire about your design, approval and granny flat building needs.

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