Panania Granny Flat Project

Project- Panania

The Design

This granny flat design, called the ‘The Melanie’, boasts a front patio, large bathroom with laundry and an internal hallway. This Panania design helped create a sense of separation between the bedrooms. It also gave the granny flat a house look and feel. The quality polyurethane kitchen and bathroom cabinets really show that a granny flat can be a real showpiece. Our granny flat builders are all experienced specialists in granny flat construction. We always to ensure your new secondary dwelling is erected with the highest level of care and with quality inclusions throughout.

The Issues

This Panania property had a few issues to resolve before construction could commence.

The Panania property had three major issues:

1. The property is situated in a Flood-Zone and

2.The property slopes towards the rear and

3. The Sewer Mains is situated cross the rear of the block.

To resolve these issues, we had to do the following:

1. We had to get an AHD Survey from a Registered Surveyor. We also spoke with Bankstown Council’s Hydraulic Engineer. He informed us of the required finished floor level. This meant raising the floor 900 millimeters above the natural ground level. We raised it on piers and had our structural engineer detail the footings. The DA process was a long one and we had to spend more money for the Surveyor and the Engineer – about $2,000 in total.

2. The drainage issue was resolved by designing a dispersion pit. This meant designing the pit for the approval. We also had to build this pit as part of the construction phase. It cost around $2,500.

3. The Sewer issue was resolved by distancing the granny flat so that it was over 600 mm from the sewer. We couldn’t totally avoid the Sewer’s zone of influence but we designed it to avoid concrete encasement. The Sydney Water Approval cost $1,300 including all inspections. Longer footings were needed which cost around $3,000 during the footing stage. The piers had to be dug an extra 2 metres, which is quite a lot for 50 piers.

Our Persistence

We were finally able to get approval for this Panania granny flat through bankstown Council. The sewer, drainage and flooding issues were a challenge which we took head on. The extra work really paid off for the client and he knew he was in good hand throughout the entire process.The entire approval process took two months. The build took 9 weeks. In the end, though, we have designed, aproved and built a fantastic granny flat. We also worked hard to save our client money.

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