Newcastle Granny Flat Project

Newcastle  – Granny Flat Project

Newcastle and the Hunter Region is a major NSW Regional Centre situated just two hours drive north of Sydney. Newcastle has historically enjoyed continued long-term prosperity due to it’s mining and steelworks background. The modern Newcastle story includes a World class University, modern hospitals, transportation, sporting and entertainment venues and it’s famous Hunter-Valley vineyards. The Hunter area is quite vast with a combination of inner-city living, country rural living and beachside coastal lifestyle. Newcastle’s future looks very bright indeed  as it’s economy and population continues to grow.

Residential Properties near the University precinct also enjoy excellent earnings as student accommodation which we are well-known for designing, approving and building. This granny flat property was purchased with a strict mindset to building a new detached dwelling in mind. We had been assisting the Owner as he hunted for a ‘Granny Flat Friendly Property’ in and around Newcastle during 2014. The client was eager to learn more and he used our online guides to assist him as he searched for a suitable property. Remember, we can assist you with your new property purchase in every respect, including critical checks on property easements, pipelines, covenants, zoning and most importantly, geometry. Creating privacy and separation between the main dwelling is a vitally important consideration. We are the recognised experts at identifying great properties and our clients soon become experts themselves with our educational approach to property purchasing. You could say that our clients have the edge on the competition as they traverse the real estate maze with much more confidence and reassurance. No matter what age you begin your property investment portfolio, we are more than happy to assist you with the process, ensuring you make well-informed decisions on every aspect of your granny flat strategy. Feel free to call us on 1300 205 007 where you can share your goals and aspirations with confidence and confidentiality. View other Granny Flat Projects