Kings Park Granny Flat Project

Granny Flat – Kings Park

Kings Park Granny Flat Project

Kings Park lies on the northernmost part of Blacktown. The Owner-Builder was Wayne Behagg from Behagg Constructions, so he has a lot of knowledge about building in general. As you can see from the photos, he chose colours and tones which are harmonious with both the existing dwelling and surrounding landscape. This Kings Park Granny Flat looks and feels fantastic as you walk through it, with it’s airy and open-plan feel. He installed a French door in the dining area, which looks great as well. Wayne wanted to create a naturally bright living and dining area. This was achieved with glass doors and windows within the granny flat.

A Custom Granny Flat Design

The property is quite wide and affords a battle-axe configuration. Fencing was already set up before we arrived, so we knew what he wanted to achieve from the onset. There are some lovely trees in the rear yard which we also wanted to preserve for shading and overall natural appeal. We designed the granny flat’s floor plan to accommodate the trees and to provide good access to sunlight. The internal design is such that the living area is one large rectangle with the kitchen separating this family area from the bedrooms. The bathroom has an in-built laundry cavity and an external door for easy access to the clothesline. The two bedrooms have built-in wardrobes which are integrated into the walls. Finally, the kitchen is ergonomic and functional, making great use of the available space for cupboards and bench-tops.

The Patios

We added a front and rear patio which provided both visual appeal and great shading. This is especially true for the lovely rear yard. The rear patio has been strategically placed to bound the tree, yet be safe from the tree’s root zone. A shade-cloth has also since been installed, which adds shaded open spaces and it looks great too!

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