Campbelltown Granny Flat Project

Project – Campbelltown

Campbelltown is a fantastic region for building new granny flats. Thanks to well planned infrastructure, roads and rail network,Campbelltown offers many opportunities for property investors. The blocks are usually quite large and the properties are also very well priced. Campbelltown is also a very large municipality and boasts Sydney’s largest population growth.

Campbelltown Granny Flat

This Campbelltown granny flat was built on a sloping block which also fell to the rear yard. The best solution in this case was to construct the granny flat on brick piers. This avoided excessive excavation and retaining walls. The Owner has since added ornate lattice work to the sub floor area and some hearty shrubs. This helps to enhance the overall look of the rear yard which makes the granny flat more attractive to tenants. The granny flat was built as an investment earner, so was designed to be durable and to maximise visual and acoustic privacy. The rear yard shape and length was also optimised for the final design.

Privacy and Separation

Creating privacy is paramount for both the granny flat and main dwelling’s tenants. We always endeavor to create separation between the two dwellings. This includes visual and acoustic privacy. You can read more on ways to improve acoustics HERE. The importance of privacy and how to achieve it when designing granny flats is also explained HERE.

The Design

Based on The Grant Design, this granny flat has a small hallway separating the bedrooms. This creates a house feel within the dwelling and avoids opening bedroom doors directly into the living area. The internal inclusions were chosen for their durability and easy of maintenance. The kitchen bench-tops are granite which has a beautiful look and texture.

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