Dee Why Granny Flat Project

Granny Flat Project – Dee Why

Dee Why is one of the premiere suburbs located at the doorway to Sydney’s Northern Beaches. It’s grown over the last few decades to become a unique boutique beach suburb and the doorway to Palm Beach.

Dee Why’s proximity to Manly and Chatswood to the south make it  a very popular suburb for families and busy executives. Where once people considered the northern beaches to be too far for city commutes, it’s now recognised as an accessible region via public transport and other water transport. Properties in Dee Why range from smaller lots to larger residential allotments. Recent subdivisions have seen a range of multi-unit housing and duplex development as part of Warringah Council’s policy to provide much needed expansion to existing housing. Median house prices have grown by up to 20% in the last decade as families look for suburbs to raise children which are closer to where they grew up. Newer Australians are also attracted to the region due to it’s relative proximity to selective schools, transport services and the City of Sydney.

Dee Why and Rental Demands

The demand for affordable accommodation continues to rise across Sydney suburbs and Dee Why, with it’s population of young executives, is a perfect place to invest in. Finding the perfect ‘Granny Flat Friendly Property’ is the main challenge facing investors as they look for properties with potential for re-development. Where larger-scale developments don’t quite fit the bill, granny flats offer the perfect balance as a safe and secure investment strategy. Rental incomes are at a premium and Dee Why’s rental returns are up there with the highest Sydney suburbs.

This Unique Dee Why Property

As published in a recent news post, we were finally able to build a granny flat in a Sydney front yard. This is particularly unusual since the NSW SEPP Legislation doesn’t allow granny flats in front yards unless the adjoining two dwellings boast extremely short front setbacks. In order for this to be achieved the following two parameters must be true: 1. The subject property must have a front setback which is quite long – around 10 metres or more 2. The adjoining 2x dwellings must have a front setback which is quite short – around 3 to 4 metres. The SEPP prescribes that the minimum front setback of  a granny flat must be “the average distance of the setbacks of the nearest 2 dwelling houses having the same primary road boundary and located within 40 metres of the lot on which the principal dwelling is erected”. This property featured a main dwelling which was set way back on the block and the neighbouring properties were set a long way back on their blocks – perfect! The client was extremely happy as we were able to design, approve and erect a design which looks great and has it’s own private patio and rear deck!

The Design- The Kenneth

The Kenneth is one of our standard designs which perfectly suits corner lots and properties which have adequate yard space for  a patio and awning. This Dee Why property has an existing driveway which runs to the right hand side, so we had to preserve this and consider safe pedestrian access for children as well. At the construction stage, we provided internal fencing and hedging to achieve aesthetic appeal yet provide a safe environment for all tenants. The design makes use of the northerly aspect of the property and as such, we located glazing and doorways to maximise breezeways and sola access. This is an essential part of good design. Boasting two bedrooms and a pseudo-hallway, The Kenneth allows us to separate the bedrooms form the main living area which maximises acoustic privacy for the occupants. Being at the front of the property, this Dee Why granny flat had to look the part, as the newly created ‘main dwelling’ facing the street. It now holds centre stage for the entire property. The neighbours are extremely happy with the result; in fact we are now planning a similar project for one of the adjoining neighbours across the street.

At Granny Flats Sydney NSW Pty Ltd, we are uniquely dedicated to providing the perfect granny flat solution on your land. We consider every development to be a privilege and it gives us great pleasure to plan, site, design and build granny flats which delight our clients. Call us on 1300 205 007 to see if we can make your property the talk of the town!

Serge Panayi – Principal.

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