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granny flat approval pricing

You can’t lose with our 100% Money-Back Guarantee on Granny Flat Approvals.

STAGE 1: (Survey, Property Searches and Compliance Report)

– We travel to your property and carry out a Detailed Survey.

– We check for compliance with the NSW ‘Affordable Rental Housing SEPP’ and we check on all other Building Code compliances.

– We carry out all relevant property searches and consult with you on your prefered layout.

– We create a ‘Site Build Zone Map’ which identifies where the Granny-Flat can be built on your specific site.

STAGE 1 Fee = $1,780 incl gst.

STAGE 2: (Design and Submission)

– We design all architectural plans to your requirements.

– We complete the BASIX Assesment (Energy-Efficiency Ratings)

– We complete the Building Specifications and Structural Engineering to all relevant Australian Standards

– We prepare the Granny Flat Approval documents ready for submission to the Private Certifier for Final Building Permission.

Stage 2 Fee = $3,300 incl gst

STAGE 3: (Certifier Approval):

– Includes Construction (5x critical stage) Inspections

– Includes payment of the NSW Builders Long Service Levy

– Includes Council Lodgement Fees

– Includes Sydney Water Approval Stamp

– Includes the Occupation Certificate

Stage 3 Fee = $2,400 incl gst.

TOTAL APPROVAL = $7,480 Incl. gst

100% Money-Back Guarantee: If we fail to deliver on your New SEPP-Compliant Granny Flat Approval, we must REFUND YOU.


Congratulations! You are Now Ready To Build!

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