Granny Flat Guide- Granny Flat Approval in just 10 Days

Did you know that with our fast 10-Day Approval Process, we can survey your land, prepare plans, engineering and specifications within just one week?

We do all of this in-house and have your approval ready within just 10 working days!

At the same time, we can send your plans to our independent builders for a full building quotation, including BASIX commitments, Home Owner Warranty Insurances and all Inclusions.We are your  one-stop-shop when it comes to designing, approving and building your new granny flat.

Look no further for turn-key pricing on new granny flats in Sydney and greater NSW. Call us today!

Granny Flat Approvals Sydney NSW


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4 replies on Granny Flat Guide- Granny Flat Approval in just 10 Days

  • luismiguel10 says:

    Serge is by far the most competent and knowledgable authority on granny flats – and I’ve spoken to quite a few granny flat builders, project managers etc. He’s definitely an essential asset if you want a smooth, seamless and risk free process to building a granny flat. Top guy on a personal level as well. Thanks Serge!!!

  • Serge Panayi says:

    You’re welcome Luis 🙂
    I’m always available to help with any kind of granny flat related question.
    Serge Panayi

  • Karen says:

    Hi Serge

    Apart from my house, I have an existing freestanding studio under 60m2 which has a bedroom/living area, kitchen area (sink and bench only) and a separate ensuite, I think it is council approved but I’m sure only as a studio or games room (I’ve requested a search with them to check). I want to rent it for short stays. I’m in the Blue Mountains and council said in order for me to be able to rent it it must have a kitchen/laundry. Who do I consult first to advise what I need to do to it to get it approved as a granny flat (a certifier, council or a builder)?

    • Serge Panayi says:

      Hi Jonesy,

      The first thing to do is check if it’s Council approved and, if as a studio, you need to do no more. It is an occupiable structure under the Building Code of Australia. Council stated that it must have a kitchen and laundry; it already has a kitchen and bathroom, so adding a ‘laundry’ is a simple matter of adding a drain hole for the washing machine- either in the kitchen or bathroom I expect.
      If it is not approved for habitable purposes (Cass 1a structure), and because 99% of the Blue Mountains is a Heritage/Conservation Area, you’ll need to seek retrospective DA Approval from Blue Mountains City Council for the use of the structure for habitable purposes.

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