Granny Flat Guide- Legislation now allows granny flats on narrower blocks

Granny Flats on Narrower Blocks

Until recently, blocks which had a Street Frontage of less than twelve metres wide (12m) were disqualified from approval under the Affordable Rental Housing SEPP. Recently a change was made (to the legislation) which now allows for fast 10-Day Approval for narrowerblocks.

What this rule means is, for example, blocks on cul-de-sacs with narrow frontages which then widen as you approach the rear boundary, are now able to have granny flats approved and built in Sydney and greater NSW!.

The actual location of the new granny flat has to be where the block is at least 12 metres wide, measured across the block, from left to right. This is great news for many of our clients, who were previously disqualified from gaining approvals.

Approval Guide

You can view this rule and other granny flat approval requirements as an easy step by step process on our website. If you need clarity on this or any other Certification requirements, give us a call on 1300 205 007. We’d be happy to help.

We hope this guide clarifies this SEPP rule and that it reveals development opportunities for granny flat approval on your property.

Granny Flat Approvals Sydney Australia

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