Seven Hills Granny Flat Project

Project- Seven Hills

Need more than 60 Square Metres?

Did you know that you can add Verandas, Patios, Garages, Sheds, Carports, and Decks onto your new granny flat and still meet the NSW Affordable Housing SEPP for fast approval? This Seven Hills property (completed in May 2012) boasts an additional front patio and a huge 30 sq m Veranda. At a total of 91.5 square metres, this Seven Hills granny flat is large enough for a large family. Joe wanted to spend a little more to attract tenants with children. Since then, Joe has engaged us to build two more granny flats for him, both in Blacktown NSW.They are identical to this one.

Customising Your Design

Your granny flat can covered in brick-veneer, weatherboard or fibre cement sheeting (blue-board). We can also build your granny flat on a concrete slab or on piers for steeper blocks. This Seven Hills granny flat was built on brick piers due to the slope of land. No matter what the constraints of the property, we will site your dwelling so that it minimises the positive features of your land.

Maximising Privacy & Separation

We focus on taking advantage of the sun (solar access) and we orientate your granny flat to optimise privacy. This means maximising visual and acoustic privacy between your tenants. We focus on this so your project can be much more profitable for you. We also look at planting hedges, pencil pines or other vegetation to enhance the project’s appeal. Another consideration is the erection of internal fencing. This can be used to create a ‘battle-axe’ block on your rental property. This will further enhance the property as a rental earner.

Our Focus

Creating privacy & separation through great design serves to attracts quality tenants to your rental property. Our expertise also allows us to save you money on the approvals, which you can spend on the finished product. No other granny flat service displays extreme care in creating granny flats which truly work for your site. We are genuinely interested in your final result – an attractive and profitable investment.

The Owner of this Seven Hills property was very pleased with what we were able to build for him and at a price which stumped the competition! See our Optional Inclusions to find out how you can save you thousands and make your granny flat project truly stand out from the rest.

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