Granny Flat Approvals- Zero rear setbacks to Laneways now allowed

This article is part of our series on Granny Flat Designs as it applies to granny flat approvals through the State ‘SEPP’ or the NSW State Government’s “Affordable Rental Housing- State Environmental Planning Policy”.

Setbacks to Rear Laneways:

Did you know that if your property backs onto a rear lane-way, you can now design your your new granny flat so that it sits directly on that rear boundary? That’s a a zero (0) rear setback. Fantastic news! The only stipulation is that the granny flat’s width must not be more than half the property width.

To quote the specific clause: Granny Flat SEPP NSW “a dwelling on a lot that has a rear boundary with a lane-way may have a building line that abuts that boundary for up to 50 per cent of the length of that boundary”

So if your property is 15.24m wide (a common Sydney property width), you can have a granny flat approved that’s 7.62m wide and touching the rear boundary.This is great news for property owner’s trying to maximise private open space for their backyard cabin or granny flat. So if your property backs onto a Lane-way, give us a call and we’ll happily guide you on how you can get zero rear setbacks and maximise privacy for your granny flat’s tenants.

Keep and eye on our site for more news on NSW Granny Flat Designs, Rules and the SEPP Legislation, Building Code of Australia Regulations and changes to the NSW SEPP- as it happens!

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  • Simon Kranenburg says:

    Hi Serge,
    Just wanted to send our thanks for all your help with our custom Granny Flat design in Avalon – your knowlege and advice has been greatly appreciated. Being a local builder I have already passed on your details to two clients and I will continue to recommend you. Thanks again Simon and Sanya Kranenburg

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