Demand Granny Flat-Turn Key Pricing!

Demand Turn-Key Pricing!

Surprisingly, we are the only Granny Flat Building Service providing Turn-Key Build Pricing and we’re the only ones openly advertising these figures on our website. Our rather public submission is that people are not being told about Turn-Key Prices because they’re being individually ‘weighed-up’ to see what granny flat builders can get away with charging them. This statement may not make us popular with our competitors, but this is the current situation.

What does Turn-Key Pricing Mean & What does it Include?

So what does turn-key pricing mean and what does it (and doesn’t) it include?  In it’s shortest definition, ‘Turn-Key Build Pricing’ means what it sounds like. You turn the front door-key and move on in. Of course, this doesn’t include furniture for example and there are a few other exclusions. Below, we list these few exclusions, since it’s a shorter list than the inclusions:

1. Board’s Sewer Issues – If your property is burdened with a ‘Sewer Mains’ in the rear yard, it may need concrete encasement or longer, engineered piers as mandated by Sydney Water. The former encasement option is the most expensive and wherever possible should be avoided. We have written a helpful Article HERE which clearly explains the process and costs for new structures built near sewer easements in Sydney.

2. Tree Removal – If a significant tree or shrubbery needs to be removed to allow for a new granny flat, a fee will naturally be charged to cut down, stump-grind and dispose of the waste.

3. Demolition –  If an existing garage, shed or other structure needs to be demolished in order for your new granny flat to be built in your backyard, an additional fee for dismantling of the cladding, frame, doors, windows and the concrete slab will need to be quoted for.

4. Bad Drainage–  If your property slopes (falls) to the rear and a Drainage Easement doesn’t exist (usually at the rear boundary),  an additional ‘Drainage Dispersion Pit’ will need to be installed as part of your Roof-Water requirement. You can read about drainage options HERE.

5. Council Fees – Some properties don’t qualify for fast approval under the NSW SEPP. Reasons for this include being in a high-risk flood zone, a high-risk bushfire zone or being in a conservation area. The cost for gaining DA Approval and a Construction Certificate is more expensive and should be identified early on. Our process is focused on identifying problems immediately and presenting our clients with options to save them money.

6. Internal Fencing – if you’re a landlord, you will probably want to install additional fencing to increase privacy and separation between the two dwellings.

7. Letter Box –  An extra letter box will be needed for your new ‘secondary dwelling’ so that your postman will be able to deliver mail to the new separate dwelling

8. Clothes Line– An additional clothesline, whilst not very expensive needs to be factored into your overall budget, especially if you’re a property investor.

9. TV Antenna – Be sure to ask whether an antenna is included in the build quote.


As advertised on our Granny Flat Build-Pricing Page, we offer Turn-Key Build Pricing which includes:

– Connection to all Services (Sewer, Power, Data, Water, Gas and Drainage) with meters

– Excavation to 300mm of cut and 300mm of fill

–  ALL external and internal finishes

– Full kitchen

– Complete bathroom

– Roof/floor/wall & ceiling linings

– Wider 485mm eaves line

– Insulation

–  Hot water system

– Wall tiles and all painting (3 coats)

– Taps and fittings

– Lights,

– Ducted fans to bathroom and kitchen

– Bathroom mirror

– Bathroom rails and toilet holder, toilet, shower vanity, laundry tub

There are other standard inclusions yuo should demand, which you can view HERE. 


Demand Turn-Key Build Pricing from your builder before you start talking about your design or approval. Ask them to openly and transparently advertise their Turn-key pricing. If they don’t, just walk away. You can read more about the real cost of building HERE. We hope this article helps you to understand what you should expect from a builder and what Turn-Key Build Pricing really means.


Serge Panayi – Granny Flats Sydney (NSW) Pty. Ltd.

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